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It’s the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 !

Category 2: Games That Weren’t

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Category 2: Games That Weren’t.

For many a reason during the eighties, a number of promised games failed to appear. In some cases, we may have got a teaser at the end of a game, in other cases we may have got little more than a vague promise in a magazine editorial. In some cases something existed, in others little to nothing. Many a year has passed with the staff at Remakes Towers wondering just what might have been had these games appeared. Now is your opportunity to let your imagination run riot and create/recreate one of the great lost games for category number 2 – Games That Weren’t.

Please note, we’re not asking you to make something entirely fictional up here. Whilst you can argue till you’re blue in the face that “My Game Number 8” never existed in the first place, it’s not what we mean by “Games That Weren’t” – it has to be something with at the very least a vague promise in a 1980’s computer magazine from either the publishers or the authors. We’re talking the Mire Mare’s, the Eye Of The Moon’s, the Willy Meets The Taxman and so on…

For those wondering which games never appeared, we recommend no finer a resource than the awesome Games That Weren’t Portal, a comprehensive overview of missing games for some of the prime home computers, evidence, files and what might have been – all available thanks to the good folks tireless work in tracing these things. Speccy fans can find a useful list over at World Of Spectrum.

Written by RobF

August 26, 2008 at 8:40 am

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