The Retro Remakes 2008 Big Competition

It’s the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 !

Thanks & Splash Screen News

We’ve had some really fantastic coverage this year, so much so that we’ve been forced to reduce Retro Remakes mainsite to something as minimal as possible in order to cope with the traffic spikes (ok, we also tipped over three times but hey ho – this is a good thing really, it means the word is getting out).

So, I’d like to say a very special thanks to everyone who has carried the news so far*, words can’t quite express just how thankful we are for the coverage and the positive response to the inclusion of the Games For Helen category. When organising these things, there’s always a worry as to how well stuff will go down – especially given how the industry tends to cater so little on the accessibility front that sometimes it can really feel like Canute pushing against the tide.

Special thanks go to Tim over at Indie Games, Kieron and the entire team at RockPaperShotgun (for some great game suggestions too), Stuart Houghton at Kotaku and Simon Carless over at GameSetWatch. Oh, and of course, to Barrie Ellis who’s been instrumental in getting this thing off the ground and is always, always, always fabtastic.

The forum may be rather ugly in its stripped down state, but a few days in and things are already starting to fill up nicely with games, idea’s and suggestions. Naturally, we’re greedy when it comes to competitions and we really want to see more. Honestly, even if you’ve never coded a thing before (I got started with an RR competition, so there’s hope for anyone) or you’re a fine doodler, musician, come and join in the fun. If you know anyone who’s any of the previous, get them to join in the fun.

We’ve tried to make it so as many folks as possible can enter something and the more games we can raise for both the competition and especially for Special Effect, the more we can help keep pushing this thing forward. There’s something for anyone who comes in over the 50% mark, and past experience has tought us that just getting a game to work without falling over or causing the judges to throw their hands in the air can score that.

In other news, we’ve got an updated splash screen to come over the weekend with a few minor adjustments (as in, one of the sponsors sent us their logo so we can add it now) and a couple of requested sizes. If folks can check back then and grab the new, fresh updated ones that’d be superb.

And for anyone wondering if it’s possible to make an accessible game that’s both modern and fun to play for everyone, veterans of a previous RR accessibility competition Ominous Dev have just released Strange Attractors 2, and it’s corking. Go check it out. It’s less than a tenner in UK-centric cash and available through Greenhouse.

*and a yah boo to the site who wouldn’t carry our press release because we’re a “games site” too.


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