The Retro Remakes 2008 Big Competition

It’s the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 !

The Rundown

As usual, a big thank you to all our sponsors. For your edification, dear readers, a list of those who kindly put forward for the judges prizes and the judges awards themselves:

1x Acekard
1x Copy Of Hamsterball/Haphazard
1x Copy of Bullet Candy
750 TGC Points
1x Addictive 247 Game Pack
1x Copy of Gravitron 2
A Sonic Activated Screaming Fox In A Bag

Lets take a look at what each of the judges decided worthy of their own special gifts:

Known eater of kittens, Oogy, decided that he wanted to give some sweet, sweet, jumpers for goalposts loving to Sports Daze by Richard Jordan. Although he would like it to be known that he’d still like more events included. If someone would be so kind. Oogy was last seen firing his starting gun at passing pigeons.

Spraydough, when not spraying his dough, wanted to offer forth a gift for Shane Hocking’s The Factory. Along the way, he lamented the state of modern gaming with this remark: “It didn’t have slick, pixel perfect graphics, it didn’t have a huge pumping soundtrack, it didn’t call for the destruction of other humanoid beings…. These are all plus points, by the way.”. We prescribed a course of World Of Goo.

Ian, whose price remains unknown, wanted to go begging outside Woolworths. Unfortunately, Woolworths is gone for good and so we prodded him to give his judges prize to Snakoban. “It looks and sounds so simple, but the puzzle element below the surface is a right brainscratcher at times. I like”. And what Ian likes we all like. It is, as you should already know, the law.

GeeKay took a few moments away from thrusting his instrument into the throbbing hordes of the hardcore and launched into a nice ditty. He looked at the big man and said “Spare A Thought For The Little Guy” and lo, a thought was spared and a prize was duly awarded.

Which left us with the rather awkward position of still having one judges prize left over. And we thought, kicked, spat and lashed out like little girls but being as I run the place, I left them to their squabbles and ran away, away, away with the final prize despite unfortunately having to abscond from my judging duties. A tough call all told, but my mind was eventually made up by the happiest 4 year old child you could imagine. When an hour a day is spent whacking moles with a big grin on his face, it’d be remiss of me not to give the final judges prize to Smila and Ovine for Whack A Mole.

Next up… the top 10.


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