The Retro Remakes 2008 Big Competition

It’s the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 !


Hello! Welcome to the category page where you can decide what you’d like to enter into our little competition. Each of these categories is to be taken as supplemental to the overall rules of the competition and that the general rules apply across the board.

You’ll notice that for some categories, we’ll accept submissions for retro hardware. Please see the general rules for clarification in case you’re not sure precisely what we mean by this. We think it’s pretty obvious, but hey, we always think competition stuff is obvious and someone always has to prove us wrong…

Category 1: Retro Remakes

As you’d anticipate from a competition being ran by Retro Remakes, our first category is The Retro Remakes Category. In order to enter into the Retro Remakes Category you need to pick a game and remake it. Who’d have thunk it, eh? Naturally, we have a few things we’d like you to bear in mind. The whole point of a retro remake is to bring a classic game up to speed on modern hardware. Whilst we’re not going to say “no” to anyone who turns in a more “classic” looking game, we’d at least prefer it if you could improve on the original, fix any flaws if need be and make it worthwhile playing as a game in itself.

However, we will say no to anyone who attempts to enter any of the following titles into this category. Seriously, they’ve been done to death and we’re asking folks not to enter any of the titles below (I mean, really, so don’t do what some people did last time and not actually read this bit where we said don’t)

  • Arkanoid/Breakout
  • Asteroids
  • Jet-Set Willy
  • Pac Man
  • Pong ( In ANY dimension )
  • Snake
  • Sokoban
  • Space invaders
  • Tetris
  • Time Pilot

We will not be accepting retro machine submissions into this category.

This list applies to this category alone, in case you hadn’t worked that out. Although obviously, we’re trying to encourage some imagination in the rest of the categories so choose your source material carefully where appropriate.

Category 2: Games That Weren’t.

For many a reason during the eighties, a number of promised games failed to appear. In some cases, we may have got a teaser at the end of a game, in other cases we may have got little more than a vague promise in a magazine editorial. In some cases something existed, in others little to nothing. Many a year has passed with the staff at Remakes Towers wondering just what might have been had these games appeared. Now is your opportunity to let your imagination run riot and create/recreate one of the great lost games for category number 2 – Games That Weren’t.

Please note, we’re not asking you to make something entirely fictional up here. Whilst you can argue till you’re blue in the face that “My Game Number 8” never existed in the first place, it’s not what we mean by “Games That Weren’t” – it has to be something with at the very least a vague promise in a 1980’s computer magazine from either the publishers or the authors. We’re talking the Mire Mare’s, the Eye Of The Moon’s, the Willy Meets The Taxman and so on…

For those wondering which games never appeared, we recommend no finer a resource than the awesome Games That Weren’t Portal, a comprehensive overview of missing games for some of the prime home computers, evidence, files and what might have been – all available thanks to the good folks tireless work in tracing these things. Speccy fans can find a useful list over at World Of Spectrum.

We will be accepting retro machine submissions into this category providing they comply with the general rules.

Just in case you’re not sure what we mean here, we don’t mean a game from a book, a game mentioned in a movie or something similar, we mean games that would have been real proper games were it not for whatever unfortunate circumstance befell them. Or if they’re just legendary. Y’know, like Polybius, Mire Mare or something…

Category 3: Sequels That Weren’t

For every Mario who got a million and one shots at success, there were a number of poor lowly game characters who never got the same treatment. I don’t know about you, but we at Retro Remakes think that’s pretty darned unfair. Just think of the fun they could have had given half a chance…

Perhaps now, you could give them the chance.

If there was a game character who deserved a sequel or his/her very own game as they were sat in the sidelines wondering why nobody loved them quite as much as the megastar of the game, we’re giving you the opportunity to make that game for them.

Perhaps you’d have liked to have seen Percy The Potty Pigeon have further adventures, did Dr Blitzen warrant a game of his own? Perhaps the notorious housekeeper Maria from Jet Set Willy did other things in her life other than pointing aimlessly at a drunken top hatted idiot?

Obviously, it’s pretty clear cut that if they ever starred in a game of their own more than once, then this is not the category for them, but more than anything we’re asking you to avoid the obvious wherever possible and surprise us. Make a game about the cat from Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the dog from Jack The Nipper, the fountain from Everyones A Wally or even one of the customers from Grumpy Gumphrey. There’s a whole wealth of game characters out there (and inanimate objects) who just never got the breaks. Be unpredictable, be wild, daring and imaginative. Don’t be dull and obvious* because, well, that’s really dull and obvious and won’t impress the judges unless you pull something really special out of the bag.

Work that magic, make a long lost game characters dreams come true. Give them some love, why don’t you? Surely they deserve their name in lights just this once…

*You know, like Bowsers Revenge or something soft like that. Yawn.

We will be accepting retro machine submissions into this category providing they comply with the general rules.

Category 4: A Game For Helen

Retro Remakes ”A Game for Helen” competition links up with the Special Effect project of the same name to bring an inclusive arcade experience to kids and young adults in the hospices Helen and Douglas House. This is especially aimed at bringing games to those who cannot play arcade type games using conventional controls due to disability.

This sector of the Retro Remakes competition will be looking for entrants to create accessible updated counterparts of real or imagined arcade games from the 1920’s to date. These can include mechanical, electro-mechanical and video games. Basically – anything at all you might find in an amusement arcade through the ages.

Hopes? Eye Tracker and One Switch compatible games for PCs with some good additional accessibility features/options (more on that later). Genres? Pinball, Fortune Telling Machines, Crane Machines, Fruit Machines, Bowling games, Shooting Gallery, Horse Racing games, Whack-a-mole, Shove-a-penny, Pool, Air Hockey, Pachinko, Table Football, Atari SteepleChase for one or more players, something with big explosions in, humour… Anything!

You may ask how on earth do I create a game for Eye Trackers or for a single switch? Fear not – if you have a mouse, a left-mouse button and a space bar – you have all the hardware you need. Next? Follow these links to “Design Tips For Eye Tracker Games” and “Design Tips for One Switch Games” for more.

We will not be accepting retro machine submissions into this category.

Honestly chaps, we’re punting up some fine prizes for this category because it’s a darn good cause. Now, the great thing about it is that even if you knock something up for one of the other categories, I’m sure you can still find some time to make something for this too. That’s not us asking for any old crap, we’d like to see some really special stuff come out for this. It’s for a good cause and it could change someones life for the better so we’d like to see some effort going in to making these as good as you can do. Don’t let us down!

Category 5: 8 Bit Mashup

We’re a bit disturbed that perhaps this category might just cause some sort of serious break in the time space continuum resulting in the loss of civilization as we know it. Given that we’re currently not convinced that this would be a bad thing, we’re going to attempt it all the same and cross our fingers that everyone is still left alive at the end of it.

For the 5th of the 6 categories at Remakes Towers for the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 we’re going to ask you to imagine what would happen if 2 (or more) 8 bit games collided and birthed out one game. Show us your mutants please! Yes, we’re asking for hybrid games for the 5th category.

Perhaps if Jetpac met Avalon met Armalyte met The Hobbit? If Football Manager met Creatures? If Daley Thompsons Decathlon met Jet Set Willy*? What would the resulting game look like? We don’t know, but we’re dying to see what sort of completely and utterly insane madness you can concoct.

Usual rules apply, of course. Try and think outside the box, the whackier (and more importantly most fun) efforts will be rewarded with the loving of the judges. Oh yeah, and prizes of course.

*we’d like to think this would result in Daley Thompson’s Willy Decathlon, but that’s just us…

We will not be accepting retro machine submissions for this category.

We expect that by the title 8-Bit Mashup you’ve already worked out we mean stuff from 8 bit games not from 16 or 32 bit games. Just in case that’s not entirely clear, that’s precisely what we mean.

Category 6: We Like It Retro

No, really, we do. We like it Retro. Muchly.

Whilst our previous competitions have seen the emphasis very much placed on the Remakes half of our name, this time round we figured lets shift some of the focus onto the Retro part too. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we ended up with Category 6. We Like It Retro.

Yes folks, for this category we’re asking you to come up with your very own authentic looking and playing retro style game. And by authentic looking, that’s not a license just to do some really crap artwork and try to pass it off as retro because y’know, it’s a competition and we’ll frown severely in your direction if you do that. Obviously, we don’t want it so authentic that it plays like a slug in treacle either – it’s still got to be a good game. And we reckon you folks could possibly meet that challenge without blinking an eye. We’re not asking for an exact recreation of the system specs of the machine… it’s the spirit that counts!

Want to make a game that looks like it was put together on a Speccy? Now is your chance! Want to make a game that looks like it was put together on a C64? Don’t. Now’s your chance.

We will be accepting retro machine submissions into this category.

By crap artwork, we mean don’t just sling a load of ugly shapes on the screen and call it retro. Or put something in with programmers magenta circles on a green splodge and pretend it’s retro. Or just make a load of crap graphics black and white and claim it’s from a ZX81, y’know. Basically, put some effort into making it actually, really, truly look retro and you’ll be fine! We’re not going to check how many colours you used or whether they’re accurate to the system or owt, so don’t fear there either.


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August 30, 2008 at 11:03 am

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