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It’s the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 !

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Leandro Correia: Smart Panda

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Ack, I’m a silly kitten – there’s always one thing you forget in the compo run up. With major thanks to Leandro Correia we’ve also got a number of copies of his edutainment title Smart Panda up for grabs. And we’ve known about this since the start of the compo too, shame on us!

Here comes the blurb:

Meet Smart Panda, a game different from everything you’ve ever seen: part action, part education, and completely funny! Your objective is o control a cute panda and try to solve the math problems that appear at the screen top-left, racing against time (the green bar at the screen right) and running away from many enemies! The faster you solve the problems, more points and time you’ll get!

With animated characters, and easy to play, Smart Panda is possibly the only game that mixes that classic platform games action with math thinking, in five diferent scenes, each one with its own surprises.

Thanks Leandro, you’re a star. Now, how much is postage from Brazil?


Written by RobF

August 31, 2008 at 7:19 pm

Castle Software: Gravitron 2

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With major thanks to X-Out and Castle Software, we’re very happy to have a handful of copies of their latest opus, Gravitron 2 which as I type this, is absolutely hot off the press on the release stakes. How’s that for service, eh?

Seriously though, just look at that screenshot, it’s luscious. Who wouldn’t want to own something that looks so nice? I know I did, and I’m looking forward to giving it a blast later on this evening after all the compo madness has died down.

Here comes the blurb!

Gravitron2 is a retro arcade game where you must pilot your space-craft into caverns and destroy enemy reactors.

Rescue stranded scientists and escape before the planet explodes, all while battling gravity and depleting fuel.

Over 40 stages of increasing difficulty.

A horde of enemies stand in your way ranging from mechanical turrets, homing missiles to indegenious life forms.

If that was not bad enough, many planets have been booby-trapped.

Online hiscore board for world rankings (requires internet connection)

3D sound – now you can tell which direction attacks are coming from.

Retro spectacular glowing vector graphics and a multitude of particle effects.

Thanks Castle Software. We wub j00 and hope you sell a metric bucketload or twelve.

Written by RobF

August 31, 2008 at 11:40 am

Category 6: We Like It Retro

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No, really, we do. We like it Retro. Muchly.

Whilst our previous competitions have seen the emphasis very much placed on the Remakes half of our name, this time round we figured lets shift some of the focus onto the Retro part too. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we ended up with Category 6. We Like It Retro.

Yes folks, for this category we’re asking you to come up with your very own authentic looking and playing retro style game. And by authentic looking, that’s not a license just to do some really crap artwork and try to pass it off as retro because y’know, it’s a competition and we’ll frown severely in your direction if you do that. Obviously, we don’t want it so authentic that it plays like a slug in treacle either – it’s still got to be a good game. And we reckon you folks could possibly meet that challenge without blinking an eye. We’re not asking for an exact recreation of the system specs of the machine… it’s the spirit that counts!

Want to make a game that looks like it was put together on a Speccy? Now is your chance! Want to make a game that looks like it was put together on a C64? Don’t. Now’s your chance.

And that I believe, is the last of the categories we’ve got to announce… I wonder what’s up next? 😉

Written by RobF

August 28, 2008 at 11:07 pm

Category 5: Mash It Up

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We’re a bit disturbed that perhaps this category might just cause some sort of serious break in the time space continuum resulting in the loss of civilization as we know it. Given that we’re currently not convinced that this would be a bad thing, we’re going to attempt it all the same and cross our fingers that everyone is still left alive at the end of it.

For the 5th of the 6 categories at Remakes Towers for the Retro Remakes Competition 2008 we’re going to ask you to imagine what would happen if 2 (or more) 8 bit games collided and birthed out one game. Show us your mutants please! Yes, we’re asking for hybrid games for the 5th category.

Perhaps if Jetpac met Avalon met Armalyte met The Hobbit? If Football Manager met Creatures? If Daley Thompsons Decathlon met Jet Set Willy*? What would the resulting game look like? We don’t know, but we’re dying to see what sort of completely and utterly insane madness you can concoct.

Usual rules apply, of course. Try and think outside the box, the whackier (and more importantly most fun) efforts will be rewarded with the loving of the judges. Oh yeah, and prizes of course.

*we’d like to think this would result in Daley Thompson’s Willy Decathlon, but that’s just us…

Written by RobF

August 28, 2008 at 10:24 pm

Midnight Synergy: Wonderland

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All aboard the wonder train, as courtesy of the fine chaps at Midnight Synergy we have some wonderful prizes for some of our winners. Wonderland/Wonderful – see what I did there? *sigh*

Here comes the blurb:

Introducing the Midnight Synergy Games Collection on CD-Rom. Seven of our full version games, along with lots and lots of bonus material, all of it packaged in an attractive DVD-style keepsake case. It is a perfect way to pick up all of our games at a bargain price or give them as a present to friends and family.

What Games Are Included?
The Games Collection CD contains over $135 worth of games. Included are full versions of Wonderland (v1.17), Wonderland Secret Worlds (v1.00), Return To Wonderland Platinum Edition (v3.01), Intensity XS (v1.52), Intensity XS ReCharge (v1.12), Frazzled (v1.08) and Colony (v1.2).

Oh wait, there’s more!

Wonderland Adventures returns you to the magical world of Wonderland for an all-new puzzle adventure. Once again, the safety of Wonderland is threatened, and it is up to you to save the day. Featuring entirely re-designed gameplay mechanics, puzzle elements, 3D visuals, and more. This is Wonderland like you’ve never seen before.

Wonderland Adventures Features

• A Compelling Adventure Story:
Explore the vast world of Wonderland, meet and interact with other characters, go on adventures, learn to use magic, and encounter new surprises around every corner. Wonderland Adventures is a family-friendly game that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

• Beautiful Audio-Visuals:
Wonderland Adventures features all new 3D Visuals that will transport you into the world of Wonderland like never before. A symphonic musical score by Jonne Valtonen and delightful sound and voice effects complete the experience.

• Varied Level Design:
Test your wit and challenge your reflexes as you travel through Wonderland. Your adventures are as varied as rescueing wee Stinkers, retrieving magical objects, or learning to outwit Scritters, Thwarts, Dragonturtles, and more. Wonderland Adventures has something for everyone.

Thanks, Midnight Synergy!

Written by RobF

August 27, 2008 at 7:39 pm

Category 3: Sequels That Weren’t

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For every Mario who got a million and one shots at success, there were a number of poor lowly game characters who never got the same treatment. I don’t know about you, but we at Retro Remakes think that’s pretty darned unfair. Just think of the fun they could have had given half a chance…

Perhaps now, you could give them the chance.

If there was a game character who deserved a sequel or his/her very own game as they were sat in the sidelines wondering why nobody loved them quite as much as the megastar of the game, we’re giving you the opportunity to make that game for them.

Perhaps you’d have liked to have seen Percy The Potty Pigeon have further adventures, did Dr Blitzen warrant a game of his own? Perhaps the notorious housekeeper Maria from Jet Set Willy did other things in her life other than pointing aimlessly at a drunken top hatted idiot?

Obviously, it’s pretty clear cut that if they ever starred in a game of their own more than once, then this is not the category for them, but more than anything we’re asking you to avoid the obvious wherever possible and surprise us. Make a game about the cat from Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the dog from Jack The Nipper, the fountain from Everyones A Wally or even one of the customers from Grumpy Gumphrey. There’s a whole wealth of game characters out there (and inanimate objects) who just never got the breaks. Be unpredictable, be wild, daring and imaginative. Don’t be dull and obvious* because, well, that’s really dull and obvious and won’t impress the judges unless you pull something really special out of the bag.

Work that magic, make a long lost game characters dreams come true. Give them some love, why don’t you? Surely they deserve their name in lights just this once…

*You know, like Bowsers Revenge or something soft like that. Yawn.

Written by RobF

August 27, 2008 at 1:18 am

Barrie Ellis: Games Bundle

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As a nice bonus this year, we’re incredibly thankful to Barrie Ellis of One Switch who as well as helping out with the competition itself has kindly and generously offered up a small games bundle as a bonus to one of our prize winners this year.

More to the point, it contains one of the greatest games ever. The absolutely awesome Typing Of The Dead. A game I’ll never, ever, ever get tired of due to it’s genius mix of zombies and typing. It’s a sad and lesser person who hasn’t experienced the joy and the glory of one of Sega’s finest hours and we’re more than happy to have the opportunity to remedy this for one of our entrants.

Thanks Barrie, not just for the prizes but all your help this year. You’re a star.

Written by RobF

August 23, 2008 at 10:33 pm